Precision Metal Slitting

The most valued precision metal slitting service provider in India, Metalex Steel Strips Pvt. Ltd. maintains a stable and pragmatic style of operation.

Our experienced professionals pay complete attention in this slitting process and hence result in quality precision metal products. We do this precision metal slitting for different types of metals like stainless steel, copper, brass and other grades of steel.

Industries from electronics and appliance to framing and roofing from across the country trust Metalex for high precision metal slitting services. The reason is quality, as seen in products with precise tolerances, excellent edge condition, tight winding, camber control and minimum scrap.

Metalex ensures the precision metal slitting process exceeds our customers' quality requirements with quality checks at various stages including set-up, in-process and final inspection of each batch which includes but not limited to the following inspections:

  • Thickness Measurement
  • Width Measurement
  • Surface Inspection
  • Camber Inspection
  • Burr Inspection

Recoiled metal strip material can be supplied in a wide range of coil size and weight options to facilitate manufacturing.

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